Behind the Book:

Peter’s Moonlight Photography and Other Stories

Readers often ask me to tell them what inspired the writing of my debut short story collection. The answer varies because there are fifteen short stories that make up the collection! Therefore I have decided that each month this year, I will focus on one of the stories in the collection and expand on what influenced me to write it, information about settings and characters and themes and production “notes” if applicable. I will also provide filmed interviews if relevant to the story.

January 2019: This month I will be discussing the influences, characters and themes related to the title story of the collection, “Peter’s Moonlight Photography.”



The Beauty of California

Redondo Beach, California Photo Courtesy of Neri Orellana


The Art History of the Czech Republic


Steve & Studiocrop brighter Lighted cleaner.jpg

Coming soon: Interview with Renowned Photographer and Musician, Steve Nelson.